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Domestic Shredding Services

Domestic & Commercial Data Destruction & Recycling

Shred your own on the Kobra or leave it with us!

“By recycling our customer’s shredded material we are able to act locally to support a larger global cause. This service diverts material from our landfills and incinerators saving natural resources and providing positive environmental change.”


‘”I used the drop in service at Balthane.  It’s a fast, secure, alternative to time consuming home shredders, I even had the option of using their Kobra Cyclone shredding machine and doing it myself.”


“Their collection service was great. They are well known for being friendly and reliable, and they collected my bag of shredding and I paid by card. Really easy, I’m going to recycle my PC with them when I get a new one later in the year.”


Domestic Shredding – The Drop-In Centre

How to use the Drop –In Service:

  • Bring down your boxes or sacks of paper.
  • Doxbond Staff will weigh each box or sack
  • You pay and leave the documents with us for shredding OR
  • You can use the KOBRA Cyclone and shred your own.
  • Sacks and boxes are weighed and the gross weight is charged at £0.60 (60 pence per kilo)


Payment by debit card or cash

Minimum charge £6

The above includes VAT at 20%.


We can accept:

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • Cash

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